Me:Back with Guitar
Hi, Thanks for visiting my site. This site is about me, myself, and I. I have my youtube channel on here in the link below. I have blogs in the navigation bar to the left. Just click on the Blog bar to the left under the Home button. I have a dream to be a photographer/video editor. I am just starting out with my videos and don't have much editing experience and don't own a video editing system.So please don't criticize it too bad. My videos are of a video game i play called Combat Arms. Visit the link below to their site. Its a first person shooter just like Modern Warfare 2, or Call of Duty(CoD). Its a good game for you PC gamers out there. Its free to play and sign up. 
Now on to my blog. My blog is all about beliefs, video gaming, and about what is happening in the gaming world, and world that effects me.I will try to post them regularly, same with my videos.
Please subscribe to my video's and please talk about my blogs with me. My yahoo is stalter.jordan@yahoo.com
Thanks again for visiting! XD